One Liners
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Paddy forgot he had a meeting 120 miles away when he was meant to be leaving for Fort William. So he flew from Bristol International (ha) airport to Glasgow at 6:00 a.m. Sadly we didn't pick him up till 11:00 (that'll teach him).

It took the Discovery trio 2 hours to get from Oxford Circus to Chiswick, a good start for the 300 or so miles to Carlisle on the first evening.

George to Jim on Mobile phone: "The good news is that we are now on the M5, the bad news is that we are going south", upshot of Andy missing the sign saying that the M5 north was closed.

Joff: "To stop my self getting bored and tired, I would see if I could bang Paddy's head against the windows round the roundabouts, whilst he was sleeping in the back of the Espace".

I am pleased to have ticked this box in my “Spotters Guide to Really Stupid Things to Do” and have resolved to never do it again. Maybe the rose tinted spectacles of time will make this seem less of an hellish experience, but I doubt it. Having said that we all agreed that the sense of achievement was a very strong one.

I was amazed by the number of other groups doing the 3 Peaks Challenge, several times we passed the same people coming off Ben Nevis , Scafell and Snowdon , most noticeably a chap with bright pink ski poles (nice!!!).

Are Jim’s legs connected directly to his mouth? His way of dealing with the walking seems to be to jabber incessantly so as to take his mind off the ardour (or maybe he is just a nice friendly chap who likes a chat?)

Mark’s response to what training he has been doing: “Well I gave up smoking two weeks ago”

Paddy: "I do not want to drink any more of that disgusting energy drink ever again, I am fed up to the back teeth (slight paraphrase) with all the endless eating, drinking, pissing and walking".

Watch out for the sheep asleep in the road at 1:30 a.m. on the lane up to Wasdale Head