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Having completed the first draft of my Lelean family tree spreadsheet. On the evening of 25th October 2003, I sat down at my computer, opened Internet Explorer, went to, typed in "Lelean" and hit Google Search.

I was greeted by about 700 matches, so then I set about looking through them trying to find email addresses that I could send a message to.

Very quickly the world became a much smaller place and the once rare Leleans started popping up all over the place (Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, South Africa, Sussex, Kent, London........)

Below are extracts from the replies that I received (most recent at top).

If one is from you and you want me to remove it (or part of it), send me an email & I will do so.

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Hi Andy (14 Apr 2010)

I attach a letter I found in my father's documents written to my grandfather's half sister Olive Maude Edwards.  (Martha Cope Lelean was Thomas Charke Edwards' second wife.)  
 I think it was sent around 1950 and the signature looks like "Winnie".  I have found a Winifred Lelean born about 1889 in the 1901 census.  She was living with a Mary Ann Lelean in the Rowe household.  I also found a Mary Ann Rowe so presume she married a Lelean.  I found a court document which I think may have been a divorce between Mary Ann Lelean and James Lelean in 1895 so I think Winifred's father was a James Lelean but I can't find him.
In the letter she says that William Drew Lelean was Lillian Lelean Scholes great grandfather but I have him as only her grandfather.   Bert I think is Herbert Edwards and Dell was Arundell Edwards.   Hope the letter is of interest to you although it is not all about Leleans.  
 Best wishes
Angela Moore

Hi Andy (10 Jan 06)

My name is Cristy Joy Lelean (although I sometimes spell it le Lean). I am sixteen years old. It was a surprise, although a very pleasant one, to find out how many Leleans there are in the world. I've always been very interested in history, especially genealogy and family lines. In fact I have always collected and looked out for information on my family name. I have one younger brother, Rowan Lelean and four cousins. I saw a letter from my grandfather on this site and thought it would be fun to write one of my own.
Thanks for all the interesting information and best wishes for the new year.


James Lelean (2 Dec 03)

Hi Andy, Sorry it's been so long getting back to you, only I have been busy with school. I am happy to get in touch with you and help in any way that I can about the family tree. I can't believe that you found me, I had a hard enough time looking myself. Any way a little bit about me to get you going on your journey: I am 25, and I teach music in a secondary and V1 form school. I have 1 brother and two sisters. 2 children and 4 nieces and nephews. Lots and lots of aunts and uncles all on the Lelean side.
My grand father and his brother are still alive and they both have lots of boys and Leleans around the West Sussex and Kent area.
I will write in more detail soon,....
.....and I look forward to talking to you soon.

Thanks for getting in touch, and you never know, we might be related (heaven help you)!


Leonard Bassett Le Lean (26 Nov 03)

Good morning

I am indeed a Le Lean. My grandfather Martin Cope Le Lean sailed one of the first tug boats to South Africa in the late 1800's from Mevagissey in Cornwall. He liked the country so much that he settled and married. He had 2 children, my father Martin Bassett Le Lean born 9 July 1905 and a girl Louis Le Lean born a few years later. She later became one of the first beauty queens of S.A.
My Father married Joy R. Horn in 1933 and I was born on 23 December 1935. I am an only child.
I married Mary Fowlds ( family originally from Yorkshire) and we had 4 children, Craig Bassett Le Lean
8/8/1960 Leigh Ann 19/11/1961 Nicola Mary 3 December 1968, and Jan Robertson Le Lean ( she was born 29/8/1971
Craig has 2 children Cristy Joy Le Lean 31/10/1989 and Rowan Craig Le Lean 24/2/1996

Leigh has no children

Nicola has 2 Michael John Houghton 3 Dec., 1993 and Jemma Mary Houghton 31/10/1995 She is expecting another early 2004.

Jan has one son Roarke Richard O'molony born 3 July 1999

We have in our possession the story of the Le Lean's sheltering john Wesley when he was persecuted in England . Should you want a copy I will gladly have a copy made for you.

Although I retired 5 years back, I came out of retirement and have been working for Fibres International selling Mohair overseas.

Where would my family fit into the Le Lean picture ??

I also have in my possession the ORIGINAL oil painting of the schooner " Le Lean of Fowey" pictured running a storm off the British coast in the early 1800's.

Looking forward to your early reply

Where do you live ??

Best regards

Leonard Bassett Le Lean

Aaron Lelean (25 Nov 03)

Hi Andy...

Not sure how you came upon my E-mail address, but here goes.

We have in our possession a copy of a particular branch of our own "Lelean" family tree, which will more than likely link in with yours somewhere along the way. This was compiled by my father Graeme Lelean for a number of years, prior to his death in 1999.

Graham's parents Jack and Ruth Lelean (nee Brighouse) are still alive and well and living in Auckland New Zealand. They head the Lelean family in New Zealand, comprising some 8 children, 28 or so grandchildren, 18 great grandchildren.

If you would like more information on our Tree please let me know...

Regards Aaron Lelean.

This one is especially good because WE won the Rugby !!!!


Marion Lelean (Williams) (19 Nov 03)

Hello Andy

Once in a while a surprise email pops up in amongst the many I have to deal with in the course of my work... and yours was one of them. It was
forwarded by my niece, Suzanne Lelean, in Melbourne to my daughter Rebecca Williams, who is holidaying in Spain until next week. I suspect you are part of the Lelean family that my brother, Colin, visited while he was in England a couple of years ago. Rebecca has been on a working holiday in the UK and Europe since March. What a pity your email hadn't reached me sooner! She is due to fly back to Australia on Tuesday next week and would have loved to have met you all. Perhaps you would like to email her on...  ...and make contact.

My father, Arthur Brownell Lelean, is our family historian. You may or may not be aware of the Lelean connection with the Rev John Wesley and the beginnings of Methodism in Australia. If you would like further information then Dad is the person to ask...he's a living history book!! He recently celebrated his 80th birthday so I am able to send photos of quite a few of our family members - perhaps in subsequent emails?

As mentioned, Rebecca is about to end her big holiday overseas - a well
earned break from BSc/BA degree studies at Wollongong University just south of Sydney (that's one for the children to look up on the map!) She has a year to go and will return to her studies next March. She has all sorts of options open to her like international business, working for Foreign Affairs or teaching English in Japan. While working on the Isle of Skye she enrolled in pre-reading correspondence course for a law degree at the London School School of Economics - so you may well have her back over there before long!

My son, Luke, is working as a chef in Cairns in Northern Queensland (another one for the map, kids. He will be 21 in April next year, is a long and lean 6'3" and very musical. He is planning to travel to Europe late next year to visit a blond haired, green eyed vision of beauty from Switzerland who has won his heart. He is a gentle soul who has a Buddhist way of thinking, a wonderful sense of humour and is a real people person. I'm sure he will travel to England at some time and it would be wonderful for him to be in touch with family .

And me? I work for the Department of Defence in Canberra (that one's
easy!) and have been here in this wonderful capital city for the past 12
years. Prior to that we lived in Tasmania for 15 years. I was born in
Melbourne and all my brothers and sister live in Victoria. I enjoy living
in Canberra - it is a very clean and well spread out city...more like three
or four large country towns joined together. Being the capital it is very
public service oriented and dynamic, but not as hectic as Sydney.

I have attached photos for you of myself, Luke, my nephew Daniel and his wife Joanne and their gorgeous baby boy Jack Daniel (great name isn't it!) They are the only ones I have on hand at the moment (I am at work) but will find some more for you. I love the photos of the children on your web page.
Please tell Willow I think her drawing with the yellow and green hair is
just wonderful! ( I used to be a teacher aide in a previous life).

I am so looking forward to hearing more about your family. We are a rare breed, we Leleans, and we should make sure that our family connections become stronger and remain so.

PS Have also attached a photo of my Dad having his first hold of his first grandson, Jack.

PPS The whole of Australia will be glued to the television on Saturday night to watch the Wallabies thrash the pants off England in the Rugby World Cup Final! When we win you'll be able to hear the cheering from over there!!

Kindest regards

Marion Lelean (Williams)

Bec Williams (14 Nov 03)

My name is Rebecca Williams. I'm one of the Australian Leleans entered on you family tree. I'm actually in Spain at the moment but will be in London on the 19th to 23rd November before I return home to Australia. My side of the family is quite large and there have been quite a few births in the last year or so.

If I can help in your search in any way please let me know.

Bec Williams

Lynn Lelean (31 Oct 03)

Hello there,

I have forwarded this email on to my father-in-law Charles Francis Lelean. Hopefully he will be able to add to it for you.

He was born in Forster (Mid North Coast of New South Wales, Australia) in about 1930.

Good luck tracing the family history.

Regards, Lynn

Charles Francis Lelean (31 Oct 03)

Dear Andrew,
My son Nigel forwarded a copy of your email and the family tree which is much appreciated although I could not locate any record of my father or grandfather in it.

Unfortunately we have virtually no knowledge of my fathers family as
he never mentioned them other than to state that he grew up in Polperro, Cornwall and was an only child. We have been unable to confirm this or any other details about his family. During a visit to London in about 1982 we made enquiries at St Catherine's House however the official records did not provide any additional information at all.
In recent years we have received enquiries from Victoria and New Zealand but have not received further data from either enquirer to date.
The attached summary of my father's life was compiled by myself from his personal records after his passing. I will be pleased to further assist you if possible and look forward to hearing from you again in the future.

Yours sincerely,
Charles Francis Lelean

Alice Lelean (30 Oct 03)

Hi Andy

Yes, I am interested in forging some links with other Leleans. You may be interested to know that there are two new Leleans. Adam was born to my (ex) step-son and his wife a nearly 3 years ago and Megan was born to my (ex) step-daughter this July just gone. As I've not seen your list i don't know what info you have about us. My ex husband is Paul Lelean.......

......I hope this is of some help. Unfortunately, Jim is very poorly at the mo and it might not be appropriate for me to be badgering them with questions right now, but i will have a word with Paul and see what i can come up with for you.
Look forward to hearing from you again,
All the best to you and your family.
PS BTW I would still like to use the addies but have no idea how to do so with my new email address. Any ideas? Thanks.

(Clive) Drew Lelean (27 Oct 03)

Hi Andy,
What a great surprise to become aware of your existence! Thank you for communicating, and for attaching the results of your family research. You are to be congratulated on the thoroughness of your work, and for the effective use MS Excel in its presentation.

I won't go on at great length just now - I have made a hard copy of the file and will send it to my brother, Arthur Brownell Lelean, who has a large collection of Lelean family information - unfortunately not computerised. I will ask him to attend to your request for verification and up-dating. There is yet another generation (Arthur's and Alison's great grandchildren) to add. Sadly our grandson Angus Drew, Stephen's son, died at the age of 4 of an inoperable brain tumour. A year before he died, a sister, Prudence Emily Lelean was born and could be added to the Tree.
If only you could have been in Ballarat, Victoria, earlier this month when Arthur celebrated his 80th. birthday. The concentration of Leleans was probably without recent precedent!
I'm looking forward to the chance to pursue some of the hyperlinks on the Tree and would be interested to know how you tracked me down, as my email address is hardly descriptive. My guess is that it was via one of my professional associations.
It would be good to keep in touch and to explore our world-wide network, and at any rate I will pass on to you my brother's archival comment in due course.
Thanking you again for your research, and wishing you well,

C. Drew Lelean.