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Lelean Family History comes to Facebook

Take a look at the Lelean Family Facebook page created by Maureen Musson in September 2012. Click here or the image below to jump to the page

Some of these  files are in adobe acrobat format (pdf),

the software reader for this can be downloaded free from

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Click this icon to view a list of 13 generations of Leleans.

Excel (version)

PDF (version)


You will need to zoom in on this, don't try to print it as it has a huge custom page size

This is a spreadsheet showing direct descendants of John Lelean, born circa 1550-1560. Please email me with any corrections, additions etc.

This .pdf contains a letter penned by Fred Lelean (born 1891), regarding his father and Grandfather (Toby's great great great grandfather).

Click link below for transcript of letter from Ada Lelean with story of "The Great Swim" by John Lelean - kindly provided by Raymond Pollard

FAM.Tree.5.99. Ada Lelean Letter.pdf