Land's End-London
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Those "crazy" dads have been at it again.

Following the immense successes of Millau viaduct (2005) and Rowing the Thames (2006), it was Peter's turn to think up a Dad's trip for 2007.

During the long winter nights of Champions League football at the Gardener's Arms, Peter hatched a plan to cycle from Biarritz to Barcelona. From French Atlantic to Spanish Mediterranean, over the Pyrenees (thankfully it eventually dawned on us that this may be too tall an order for a 5 day trip).

So a variety of other cycling permutations were worked through (Western Isles of Scotland, Caledonian Canal, Ireland). Eventually the team arrived at a plan:

Land's End to London

So on the morning of Thursday 21st June we made our way to Paddington station for the 9:05 to Penzance.  It so happened that on that morning Paddington was full of two distinct groups of people: those off to Ascot for Ladies Day and those off to Glastonbury (two ends of the spectrum if there ever was), but nice views none the less!

British Rail (or whatever they are called now), were up to their usual tricks of delayed departures, missed connections, cancelled trains and trees on the line and we eventually arrived at Penzance around 5:30 p.m. (having chatted up a young lady in first class with us, only to find out that she was a Cornish MP! - Julia Goldsworthy).

We set off for Land's End, up hills, into the wind and eventually turned for home around 6:30 p.m.

The next 4 days were quite an experience: 4 days, 310 miles, 2 punctures (both Andy), rain, rain, rain, a lot of food and beer, and a great time had by all.

On completion Phil summed the trip up fantastically well - ".....we may have been hurting, cold, wet and miserable at times, but we haven't thought about work, or the routine daily grind, for 1 minute, as every moment has been occupied with the next mile, the next hill......"

Over nights were at: Helston, Tavistock, Crewkerne and Whitchurch (hants.)


Click below for Google Map routes: Click Below for Google Earth .kml Files
Days 1-4: Land's End to Crewkerne Days 1 to 4.kml
Day 5: Whitchurch to Home Day 5.kml

Here are a few photos (not as many as last year as we were kinda busy).


Day 1: Land's End to Helston

Day 2: Helston to Tavistock

Day 3: Tavistock to Crewkerne

Day 4: Crewkerne to Whitchurch

Day 5: Whitchurch to Richmond Park