Millau Viaduct
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Millau Videos

A Trip first proposed by Phil Turner on the touch line in our local park one cold January morning. Whilst watching Toby, William, Sammy, James & Edward at football training.

The plan: to visit the new bridge across the Tarn valley at Millau, France.

Thanks to Phil, Peter & Mehdi for a great weekend. (and Daphne and John for putting us up on the first night).

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P&O: Pride of Le Harve 

Mont St Michel

Chez Daphne et John

Chez Serge

This is like porn to Phil

Le Viaduct de Millau

Sete et Marseillan Plage

Le Port de Marseillan

Peter trying to find some wine he bought 18 years earlier, with no paperwork to support his claim, (NB: it is shut on Sundays).

Stocking Up on Flagons (cheaper than petrol)

Sur Le Viaduct de Millau

Le Gare Du Nord, et Arc de Triumph, Paris.

Le Harve